Meet The GBG Team

Introducing the GBG Magazine team. They’re the people that make the magazine happen each month, thanks to a combination of hard work, strong coffee, good luck, and the support and ideas of many people across the islands.

Sue Markham – Director

Sue’s the boss. GBG Magazine was her idea some four or five years ago, and since then “her baby” has grown month by month under her guidance.

Sue’s passion is creating a magazine which celebrates all that’s good about Guernsey, and works to use GBG Magazine as a way to make people’s lives brighter and happier. For Sue it’s all about the people, making people feel special through our stories, through our photography, through our support of local charities and the arts, through covering the things that readers want to see in the pages of GBG Magazine.

She’s the one who brought together the team, keeps them fed and watered each month, and in between all this leads the team in ensuring advertisers get the results they want and need by placing advertising in the magazine.

When she’s not doing all that, she’d a dab hand at making perfect pasta and pizza, and loves taking her dogs Inca and Healey for walks.

John De Garis – Photography and Design

You might be like us, we know a great photograph when we see one, we just don’t have a clue how they happen.

Well John’s the man with the skills, talent and vision to make it happen time after time after time.

He’s a genius with a camera, he makes our monthly photoshoots sparkle beyond our wildest imagination, and that’s before he even starts work on designing every single page.

What a man!

Sylvia King – Advertising

Sylvia, Sylvia, Sylvia, what can we tell you about Sylvia?

Well, they broke the mould when they made her as there really is nobody else quite like her. She sells advertising space in GBG Magazine, including her very own classifieds – Sylvia’s Purple Pages.

But she also makes soap (no, really, she does), loves cleaning the office, and ensures our biscuit and snack tin is always topped up.

She has a thing for chocolate digestives at the moment.

Gary Burgess – Editor

Gary writes much of the magazine and edits the words that other people write.

He’s basically really nosey and really picky when it comes to spelling and punctuation.

If we leave a spooling misteek in this article he’ll no doubt correct it. Ha! He missed it.

When he’s not using his computer’s spellcheck and pretending he did it all himself, he spends too much time and money buying skinny lattes from a certain coffee chain.

Silly really seeing as Alex has just topped up the coffee machine in the office.

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